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  • Montaleo DOC 2014 – Pagani de Marchi

    Rosso DOC. Sangiovese 70%, Merlot 15%, Cabernet Sauvignon 15%. The wine is a real surprise for the consumers giving a good balance between the polyphenolys complexity and the natural acidity. Roasted.

  • Principe Guerriero DOC 2012 – Pagani de Marchi

    Rosso DOC. Sangiovese 100%. BT 3.000. In our minds, the idea of a 100% Sangiovese wine came to us very early on, with the first harvest taking place in 2001. With Sangiovese regarded as one of the most noble grapes in inland Tuscany, but still undervalued in coastal area, our first vintage has been a wonderful surprise in its complexity